Successfully Planning And Completing A Home Purchase

Are you interested in buying a home or buying a condominium? Then you probably know the situation in which many prospective buyers are looking for real estate .

Visits are exciting and bring joy, the new home is within reach. But often there is a rush to the real estate offers, who wants to get a chance on a property here, must be well prepared and fast. For sellers of a property, however, is particularly interesting, whether the buyer can afford the corresponding property at all. He needs the certainty that at the end of the purchase price payment everything runs smoothly.


The free mortgage calculator

On your way to home ownership , CIT Financial Partner, your independent mortgage advisor, will provide you with comprehensive and expert advice. Not only do you get an answer to the question of how much house you can afford from the monthly budget, but also a consultation on the entire course of your real estate acquisition project. With our mortgage calculator , you can get an initial overview in advance.


Proof of creditworthiness

Proof of creditworthiness

With a confirmation of financing you hold proof of your creditworthiness in your hands. This confirmation can be a special trump card when you visit a property opposite to other properties. After preliminary examination of your documents, you will receive a provisional confirmation that the seller or broker knows that the funding has been positively audited by the expert and independent mortgage lending expert. Thus, the seller can ensure that the interested party has the necessary credit rating .


Mortgage financing made easy

Mortgage financing made easy

When it comes to building finance , the product-independent and bank-independent financing experts of CIT Finanzpartner in Kiel, Hamburg and Flensburg are the first address for consumer-oriented free advice. We are happy to assist you with the topics of financing , subsidies and much more.

Find out about the various funding opportunities offered by, for example, the PGA Credit (PGA) or the IMG Bank (IMG). Realize your dream of owning a home without interest rate risk and on a rent-like burden with CIT financial partners in Kiel, Hamburg and Flensburg. The finance experts accompany you from the initial consultation to the purchase price payment. For CIT your wishes and possibilities are the focus of personal consultation.

Do not waste time and make an appointment with us for a free and independent consultation – your CIT financial partner!

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