How To Get Your Name From The SPC And Recover Your Credit

Many people today have some kind of restriction in their name, to have an idea, the estimated number is that there are approximately 61.7 million people in Brazil with some type of debt appointment in the SPC and information system, this represents practically 40.5% of the economically active population, aged between 18 and 95 years.

The reasons for this number of people with debt are very varied, from financial unforeseen, the high unemployment rate in the Brazilian economy, the lack of financial planning and in some cases the lack of organization with finances and financial commitments.

The fact is that nobody likes or wants to be in this situation, it is very unpleasant to receive letters, phone calls and collection contacts, in addition to the various restrictions that this generates, be it in the difficulty in opening a checking account, negative credit for installment purchases, loans and any type of credit line.


What to do to get your name out of SPC?

Remove Debt

It seems obvious, but many people have the name denied for lack of organization, often have the financial resource, however by forgetting or planning failure let the debt be denied, in this case the fastest method is to contact the company and remove the debt, in a matter of days your name will be “clean.”


Renegotiate the debt

Take a loan and take out the debt

The most correct and fair alternative to removing your name from the negative register is to renegotiate your debt, find a path that is financially viable, and resolve your situation with the company that granted you credit.

We know that this alternative is not always as simple either because of the debtor’s financial situation or because of the credibility of the creditor’s lack of flexibility. If you realize that the interest, fines, and conditions being charged are abusive and disproportionate to the debt, getting justice is a good way to get a viable solution to the issue.


Take a loan and take out the debt


If the interest and penalties charged for the debt are higher than a loan, or need to resolve the denial of your name urgently, find a financial institution that approves your credit and make the full payment of the debt, with proper organization and planning you will be able to keep your credit positive and stay with only the loan installments. If you are having difficulty with credit, look for lines with guarantees, be it payroll loans, property or automobile loans, are lines that are usually approved for negative people.


5-year debt limitation

5-year debt limitation

Many people are well aware of this legal rule related to debts, but make no mistake, it is true that the debt can no longer be charged judicially or have the negative in organs like SPC after five years of debt. But that does not mean that it has been “forgiven,” the institution that granted you the credit can always charge you that amount and prevent you from taking new lines of credit or buy it back in your establishment until you clear the debt.

Another important point is debt renegotiations, any debt confession contract or new renegotiation of rate, term or value conditions, constitutes an update of the term of 5 years, as if it were a new debt. In short, this is a very complicated option to take.

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